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Cybersecurity has become a matter of concern in the past few years. In the era of the internet and dark web, everything is possible. Amidst this, cybercrime is continuously increasing, posing a great threat to the information of the people and companies.

Data theft of the information personal to a company is increasing day by day, and in between this, the most feared companies are Defense agencies. The defense agencies deal with confidential data which shouldn’t fall into the hands of hackers or unauthorized people. 

So, keeping this in mind, the CMMC certification was designed. This certification was most probably designed for the protection of data in the companies. It can help defense agencies in protecting their data from cyber thefts or unauthorized access 

It will help you become one of the most secure companies in the world. However, it is not that easy to attain this certification. But by luck, IQC The ISO Pros of Missouri provides the best services related to all ISO standards. Let us know more about this CMMC certification.


What is CMMC standard?

This was designed by DIB and the U.S. Department of defense. This certification helps you attain their trust and become well secure. This is one of the best security-related standards specially designed for defense agencies. This will help you attain the tender as a defense agency.

So, it’s like an approval that makes your firm eligible for defense contracts.

It contains five levels of certification starting from 1 to 5. Now let us understand them.

  • 1st level– this is the most basic level and allows you to monitor the employees’ activities and check that they regularly change their account passwords. This is called the basic level. It also includes checking the antivirus systems.

Most companies start with this certification it’s because it’s easy. Also, it’s the most basic level which is necessary for the companies in the DIB pool

  • 2nd level– the intermediate level, means safeguarding CUI, i.e., controlled unclassified information that only belongs to the government. This information is very sensitive to share with the public. So, this level safeguards this information and manages plans and attacks by the vectors on the system.
  • 3rd level– good level; this level includes protecting CUI, planning attacks, and some more sensitive information.
  • 4th level– better level, this is given to the advanced companies that can detect APT’s and other highly breached vectors. But this level can only detect vectors and cannot attack them.
  • 5th level– best level is the top-ranked level. This contains all the work done by the above-level companies but includes the responding to the vectors and are faster and the best.

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So, these are the levels that are set up by the standard. These are very difficult to attain but then what is the advantage of contacting IQC The ISO Pros of Missouri? Contact us and make this easier to attain the highest level. We are professional trainers, auditors, and consultants that provide services related to all ISO standards. Contact us now!

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